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SharePoint List ...

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Airport Shuttle Real ...

Third Time are completing a new Business Intelligence platform to manage and administer a local Airport Shuttle business, so that the fleet have real time reporting synchronised with GPS and GIS mapping. The initiative combines Customer ...

Office 365

Cloud Based Productivity Tools

Office 365 is the latest iteration of the popular productivity tools produced by Microsoft. Powered by the cloud it allows users to access their data anywhere.

Microsoft BI Suite


The Microsoft Business Intelligence suite incorporates a range of products: Microsoft SQL Server (including SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Analysis Services and SQL Server Reporting Services), Microsoft SQL Azure, Microsoft Office ...

Microsoft SharePoint

Search Services, Excel Services, PerformancePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a web application platform developed by Microsoft. SharePoint is typically used as a web content management and document management system, but is actually a much broader platform of web technologies, capable of being ...

Microsoft Dynamics


Microsoft Dynamics is a sophisticated line of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software applications developed by Microsoft.



ASP.NET MVC is a web development framework from Microsoft that combines the effectiveness and tidiness of Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. It uses the most up to date ideas and techniques from agile development and the best parts of the ...

SAP Business Objects

Crystal Reports

SAP Business Objects is a suite of front end applications which facilitates companies to gain better insight into their business which in turn leads to improved decision making and enterprise performance.


Reporting, Dashboards, Visualization

QlikView is a 'new generation' software tool that combines Reporting, Business Intelligence and Web Query into a single product. The main purpose of the platform is for turning data into knowledge.

Mobile Apps

Android, IOS, Windows Phone

Due to the phenomenal growth of the smartphone market many companies are now looking to take advantage of these new and upcoming technologies. We at Third Time are enabling businesses to take advantage of the huge increases in power of ...

Dashboard Tools

PushBi, Yellowfin, Dundas, Klipfolio and others

Dashboard tools allow your organisation to quickly and effectively understand the core metrics in your business. We at Third Time have extensive experience integrating these powerful and flexible tools into corporate processes.

Open Source

PHP, Java, MySQL

Open source applications are now available for every common type of enterprise software from databases, application servers and Web servers, to Web browsers and office applications, to network monitoring software and security software.
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